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If you’re looking for a productive, educated and growing workforce, this is the place. Located in east-central Wisconsin, the Fox Cities Region was founded on a tradition of papermaking and printing. Today, it remains a powerhouse for world-class manufacturers and corporations representing several business sectors.


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MFG = 22% of employment base

Average MFG wage = $54,296

MFG added 1,114 net new jobs in past year

MFG sector grew at:
3.3% in Fox Cities Region
1.0% in Wisconsin
0.7% in United States

within 60 min commute of downtown Appleton =
greater than 775,000 population
greater than 432,000 workforce

greater than 90% high school graduation rate

Looking to expand or relocate your business?

The future looks bright for the Fox Cities Region. It’s one of the largest and fastest growing urban centers in Wisconsin. Population has grown 12.8% since 2000, and a labor force of 796,206 can be accessed within 50 miles. With lower-than-average wages and affordable utilities, the region’s cost of doing business is significantly less than the national average.

Source: Stats America 2011

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